As the tech world continues to command more attention each day, there are those that are continuously searching for new strategies to bring forth positive change. As an entrepreneur and innovator, Aldor Nini has utilised his wide skillset to create several successful business ventures in the internet industry. Specialising in a variety of facets in the technology realm, Aldor continues to implement exciting new concepts key to realising his vision of making the internet a better place for all.

Aldor’s path to success began early, and wasn’t always an easy one. After graduating with his high school diploma, he ventured into the world of higher education before exploring his interest in software development and IT. It was then that several companies began to show interest in Aldor’s abilities, offering him full-time positions within the industry. Enticed by the excitement ahead, Aldor began rising to higher positions, acquiring a unique set of skills along the way. A year after his 18th birthday, he held a leading position. Two years after that – his own company. It is this same drive and determination that has led Aldor to the fulfilling career he holds today.

Aldor Nini’s work has seen him travel extensively, visiting countries from the United States to Switzerland. Recently, the entrepreneur visited Los Angeles and Miami, as well as London, England. He has also engaged in scuba diving in the region of Belek, Turkey and hopes to do so in southern Albania in the future. This type of travel will surely aid him in developing new perspectives in how to improve conditions for others around the world.

Aside from his business commitments and travelling, Aldor spends his time on a number of other hobbies that lend a sense of thrill. From gaming to skiing in the French Alps, his interests transcend the internet realm. Aldor is also skilled in other areas, such as finance, the paralegal field and entrepreneurship. Having established his own company at a young age, Aldor is well versed in the concept of innovation. Today, he continues to implement new strategies in exploring the many facets of the tech world.


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